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Monday, February 7, 2011

Treasures old and new

By Anthony English

This blog is not the planting of a new seed in fresh soil. It's more of a new clearing in a well-established garden.

For some years a few Australian Catholic families have tried to support each other in living and loving the Catholic faith. Most of us are either home schoolers or have been at some stage along the way. But Australian Catholic Families is not just for home schoolers. We cover all sorts of issues to do with Catholic families. To share and help each other, we need to keep up contact.

It's a challenge keeping in touch when growing families are geographically dispersed, so someone came up with the idea of a newsletter called Keeping in Touch (“KIT” to its friends, which now include you). That eventually moved from snail mail to a web page. Then someone came up with the excellent idea of turning it into a blog. Welcome to ACF.
As this blog grows, you may see some new posts from a few different people, and hopefully that itself will allow us all to keep in touch a bit better. But this garden of thoughts is not completely new. Past articles from KIT may spring up on topics which hopefully won't be too dated. Think of it as a tour of a new garden, only to find some pockets of ancient, or shall we say semi-mature trees.

We're here to share our stories, our difficulties, our thoughts and our humour, our wisdom (and maybe our follies) always aiming to do so in a spirit of charity and friendship, and above all, faithful to Jesus Christ and to the Catholic Church, His Bride.
Welcome to ACF. It's nice to have you visit our garden.

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