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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Making online friends.

Posted by Therese.

This is my first post on the Australian Catholic families blog. Thanks so much Sue for inviting me to post here. I thought I would write about being a Catholic mother and how the internet has helped me in my role as a home schooling mother and helped my faith.
For the first 10 years of our marriage, Steve and I lived in Adelaide. We had a lot of support and our faith really grew. We belonged to a couple of different Charismatic communities and for me; it was like icing on a cake. It made my faith more alive and I loved being a Christian because of it
At the beginning of 2001, we moved to the South East of South Australia. I loved the quiet life living in the country, but really noticed not having a community of friends to share my faith with.
In 2003, we had another move and I spoke with Steve about the lack of friends that shared my faith. We had the parish community but after being a part of a group that shared prayer times and social times together, I noticed a big difference.
Steve really encouraged me to look online and find some online communities. He had posted on a couple of forums that were hobby based and thought I should get involved in some Catholic ones.
I resisted for a while because I wanted friends in person, not on the internet. After nearly 12 months of this though, I joined Steve Ray’s Catholic Convert forum.
It was great. At first, I just wanted some information to defend our faith because an evangelical had challenged me on it but after being a part of the general discussions, I asked to be added to the ladies forum.
For the next few years, I built so many relationships with the other women posting at DCF. I felt encouraged in my faith and knew that this group was a gift from God.
Fast forward to 2006, I started my blog. This was another opening to find other friends and build relationships online. At first it was hard. I visited many other blogs and left comments. This was so against my nature since I was a naturally shy person. I overcame my shyness though and made many more friends online.
Through my blog and the relationships I have built at DCF, I have the icing on my faith cake again. It has been so valuable for me to have friends only a click away.
I have also found a lot of support for my care of my two children with type 1 diabetes. This was another blessing I got from the internet.
I really hope to meet all my online friends one day. I hope that Steve and I will be able to travel over to the USA when we retire.
The internet has made me feel less isolated in my faith journey and has helped me to make some very valuable friendships.
You can read more by me at my blog Aussie Coffee Shop.


  1. Well done, dear friend. And indeed you have been one of the dearest over these years! God Bless!! Cathy

  2. I'm really new to blogging and I can relate so much to what you say! I also feel shy and pushy, too, when I comment on new blogs, but I have found a lot of encouragement and inspiration from the online Catholic community, so I'm trying to ignore the inevitable dips in confidence and persevere as you did. God bless. Vicky:)

  3. Thanks so much Cathy. You have become one of my dearest friends too. We really need to get this skype worked out and talk sometime.

    Vicky, I am glad you have found encouragement and isnpiration. I really know that the online Catholic community has been a gift from God for me. Keep on commenting and the friendships will build.

  4. and I hope we can meet one day too:) Still am surprised what a small world it is, that our children met!!