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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Mother's Approval

Continuing our posts on motherhood for Our Lady's month of May

By Leanne
How I needed her approval.
It’s been a long and sometimes hard road. I wanted so much for my Mum to want to confide in me and love me as I wanted her too, but it seemed to me that it would never happened.
I began resenting her and her relationships with my children. They would talk, move or cry and what I was saying was completely irrelevant. They were the centre of her life. Mum appeared to me, to want their relationship over mine. That stuck in my throat like a sharp object. I was bitter and unable to confide or have a relationship with her.
I kept telling myself it was Ok. But deep down it was festering. I yearned for that friendship I saw other Mums have with their daughters.
My Nanna introduced me to Our Lady very early in my life. I confided in Our Lady in these hard years. I took her as my Mum. I would confide in her, talk to her and cry with her over this situation and other parts of my life. I loved chatting and smiling, crying and being raw with my heavenly Mum.  It was so easy.
Then one day, God intervened. A serious situation occurred with one of our children and I needed to have my parents involved completely. They needed to know the real situation, not a fabrication made up by a wayward teen. I had an internal struggle - will I call or will I not, but within 2 minutes I had make the phone call. Both my parents arrived within the hour, concerned, but were also concerned for me. Our relationship began to heal.
It wasn’t easy but I made myself vulnerable to her for the first time in a long time.  It took her a lot longer.
Mum finally started sharing with me, her secrets and little things I didn’t know about her, my Dad, my Grandparents and various situations.
It has been a major breakthrough and now we chat easily and our children see this and I hope with God’s grace I keep my relationships strong with our girls. I am always looking of little ways to draw the older children into a deeper relationship with me. Brid & I through being together, with homeschooling, throughout her growing years have a very different relationship.

I wondered how my relationship with my mum started declining, but that is looking back, and I feel called to move forward. Through this healing I am able to be the person I was hiding from her.

I had a friend who wrote me a letter one year and she asked God to heal this brokenness.
Thanks Margaret.
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