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Thursday, September 22, 2011

How I'm Doing With My Schoolwork

By Vicky

My unschoolwork is going very well, thank you for asking!

I'm reading lots of good books and keeping myself occupied with heaps of creative projects. My mind is full of ponderings and my curiosity is burgeoning! Rather than being an excuse to waste my days, my unschooling has inspired me to a full and fascinating life of discovery and exploration.

I, recently, read Tolstoy's 'Anna Karenina' and I've just begun to read Dicken's 'A Tale of Two Cities.' I've read books on encouraging creativity, mentoring children, unschooling families (Suzie Andres' Little Way of Homeschooling) and purgatory. Now, I've moved on to books about creationism and other forms of unschooling. The children have joined me in discovering old classics and indulging in quality reading on all sorts of topics. I'm well on my way to becoming well-read!

In between all this reading, I'm busying myself with completing my latest portrait, smocking sundresses, knitting a jumper, gardening and nature study. My Maths has been covered with my recent budgeting tasks and my baking efforts. My music has been taken care of with classical CDs and spiritual music, which I listen to in the car.

All in all, I think I'm getting quite a full and varied education. I'm reasonably sure that I'm covering all the key learning areas and, despite the lack of formal testing, I'm fairly sure that I'm achieving a good level of understanding.

What's that? The children? Well, actually I think they're doing quite well, too! In fact, with their energy and youthful enthusiasm, they make my unschooling look rather ordinary!

So, thank you for asking! Unschooling is working for us and life is busier, livelier and so much more exciting than it ever was before, when we allowed plans and curricula to control our learning and form our minds.


(Just in case, I've inadvertently made myself look like Superwoman, I must point out that I'm tackling all of this in small doses and at a very leisurely pace. It's relaxed learning with no schedule and no expectations - and it feels luxuriously lazy!)

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